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Gift-a-Verse cards are perfect for any occasion! Show your friends and loved ones how special God’s Word is while involving them in Bible translation. In the process, you are giving a gift that lasts for eternity.
Bible Translation Gift-a-Verse Card

Welcome Duggar Friends,

Join the Duggars in bringing God’s Word through Gift-a-Verse to people still waiting for Scripture in their language!

“God’s Word means so much to our family. We wish everyone on Earth could read Scripture for themselves and have access to God’s Word like we do. Gift-a-Verse is a perfect idea for people who appreciate God’s Word themselves and would like to see others have access to it.”
— Jim Bob & Michelle

A gift of $26 will cover the cost to translate one verse for a people group without Scripture in their language. Visualize the hope and new possibilities for them as they begin their journey of discovering God’s Truth! At the same time, imagine how you will surprise and bless your friend or loved one with this unique gift in their honor.

Select Quantity and Language

Each card sponsors one verse of Scripture for the people group you designate.

Cards x 26

Total: 26

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Seed Company is a Wycliffe affiliate organization and leader in the Wycliffe Last Languages Campaign!

Purchaser will receive card(s) with blank envelope(s) to personalize and mail to recipient(s). Please allow two to three weeks for delivery to your address.
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